ETIC 2018 Awards

For the first time, during the “Extreme Traveler International Congress” in Baghdad, the ETIC Award was presented to the most extreme travelers of the year 2018.

Extreme Traveler of the Year - ETIC Trophy


The “Extreme Traveler of the Year” trophy is now awarded annually in 4 Categories:


ETIC Awards 2018


The ETIC Award Ceremony 2018 was held at the Coral Café in Baghdad, Iraq, during the ETIC – Extreme Traveler International Congress. Recipients included Harald Buben, Charles Veley, Harry Mitsidis, and Don Parrish.

don parrish etic extreme traveler award 2018 baghdad


US-American icon Don Parrish with the Trophy of the ETIC Award 2018, presented to him in Baghdad, Iraq, as the “Champion of the World” among Extreme Travelers, for his lifetime achievements within the Extreme Traveler community. Don Parrish’s lifetime travel summary is to complete visits to all 193 UN countries (about 200 people have done this), all 327 countries on the Travelers Century Club list (24 people have done this), and all 266 countries on the UN+ list on Nomad Mania (only 4 people have done this). For almost 5 years, he has been listed as Nr. 1 on the Most Traveled People ranking. Don Parrish has helped all of the major travel clubs in areas like improving aspects of websites, recruiting new members in his media interviews, promoting key pioneering concepts like travel verification and fostering understanding of extreme/systematic travel. He leads by example.


ETIC – CURIOSITY AWARD: Patrick & Family

The legendary travel family from Belgium receive the “Extreme Traveler of the Year 2018” award in the category “Curiosity”. They were the first ever private travelers to land at the brandnew and challenging Saint Helena Airport in the South Atlantic.


ETIC – COMMUNITY AWARD: Harry Mitsidis & Charles Veley

(Foto taken by Don Parrish during the first ever meeting of Harry & Charles in Liberland 2017)

The ETIC Award 2018 in the category “Community” was divided between the two founders of the two most important systematic travel clubs: Charles Veley from the USA and Harry Mitsidis from the UK & Greece, with their clubs “Most Traveled People” (MTP) and “Nomad Mania” (NMM) respectively. By providing a community platform, by setting the standards, by communicating the message, and by connecting the players, both have delivered more value to the systematic traveler community than anyone else worldwide.


At the Coral Café in Baghdad, Charles Veley is pictured on the left. Harry Mitsidis’ trophy was received in his absence by Nomad Mania Boardmember Thomas Büchler from Switzerland, pictured on the right.

harald buben baghdad (3)

ETIC – COURAGE AWARD: Dr. Harald Buben

The Award for the Most Extreme Traveler 2018 in the category “Courage” was presented to Harald Buben from Austria for his ad hoc solo drive on a business trip from Baghdad to Damascus, witnessing the Battle of Ghouta on the way. (Picture of Harald Buben taken in front of the Coral Café Baghdad.)

_dsc6237 (4)

ETIC 2019 Participants in Baghdad

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