ETIC – History of Events

ETIC – The annual congress of the world’s most traveled persons – Since 2008

Our track record of being among the first visitor groups in “extreme” destinations:

13. ETIC Agdam + Fuzuli Airport Azerbaijan 2021

12. ETIC Xpedition Savage & Deserted Islands 2021

11. ETIC Xpedition Clipperton & Revillagigedo Islands 2021


10. ETIC Varosha Ghost Town & Akincilar 2020

ETIC 2020 Rockall Cover 3

9. ETIC Xpedition Rockall & St. Kilda 2020

8. ETIC Marquetalia FARC Republic Colombia 2020

ETIC Sealand Collage

7. ETIC Principality of Sealand 2019

_DSC6237 (3)

6. ETIC Baghdad 2018

5. ETIC Liberland 2017


4. ETIC Mogadishu & Bosaso 2017

3. ETIC Xpedition Anabar Ice Road Yakutia 2016

(Gaza Event postponed)

ETIC Gaza 2015

2. ETIC Grozny Chechnya 2014


1. ETIC Munich 2008

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In the Press: CENTURION Magazine by AMEX

The ETIC-Extreme Traveler International Congress was featured in the 2021 spring/summer final issue of Centurion Magazine.

Big thanks to Bruce Wallin for the very friendly article and to Meredith for the good cooperation with several ETICers!

The Centurion Card is the most prestigious credit card by American Express with an annual fee of US$5.000+ and no spending limit. American Express is a traditional wallet for people who still use fiat money instead of crypto. The high quality Centurion Magazine is exclusive to holders of the „black card“. The target group of the magazine reaches some of the most affluent people worldwide, with an average annual household income of US$ 1 Mio and an average wealth of US$ 10 Mio.

ETIC remains a non-profit, voluntary effort that serves a wide range of extreme travelers from backpacker to billionaire.

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Open Letter against Double Standards

#Russia #Ukraine

Dear Humans!

This is the days of the Apocalypse.

Colloquially understood as “the end of the world”, the true meaning of apocalypsis in Greek is “the lifting of the veil”.

Many actors now show their real face.

Many in the audience feel triggered to take an armchair position in an 8 year old conflict that they only “know” virtually from their screens.

ETIC does not take a position.

ETIC grieves for ALL victims of war.

In the last week alone, various foreign aggressions killed humans in Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Palestine. 

ETIC will always seek the truth on the ground. In particular in conflict zones and difficult to reach places. 

ETIC will never exclude a traveler based on nationality.

ETIC has excluded individuals based on stupidity, when they endangered the wellbeing or cohesion of the group.

From the start in 2008 we defined ourselves as

“Sophisticated travelers, without one-upmanship, sharing their way of life and a deep understanding of the world … Travel promotes universal ethics.”

ETIC Motto

Always remember “the first casualty in war is the truth” (Aeschylus 500 BCE)


Dr. Kolja Spöri


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